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I was born and raised in Offenbach/Germany and emigrated to the beautiful country of Ireland in August 2000 where I lived until August 2010. I have now moved to Birmingham in the UK

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Schedule revised

Shows to come to The Digital Hub FM

27.11.2009 11.a.m. GMT: INTERVIEW with Diane Rowles from the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, Bulgaria plus Louise Kings and Mike Fallon from the Irish Dog Journal live in the studio

03. 04.12.2009 11.a.m. GMT: BERNIE Wright and Laura Broxton talk to Thomas Janak about the state of animal welfare and rights in Ireland

04. 11.12.2009 NO SHOW

05. 18.12.2009 11.a.m. GMT: ROGER YATES, sociologist and lecturer, talks in-depth about many issues and topics, including the human/non-human animal relationship

The second part of "ROGER YATES in conversation with Thomas Janak" will be uploaded on Indymedia.ie (and can be accessed via our ONLINE version of the show) on December 19th 2009

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