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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello from Sheffield

Just wanted to say HELLO FROM SHEFFIELD, where I spent 1 1/2 days. Please listen in next Friday at 8p.m. when we bring you informative and interesting footage about COMPOSTING. Other shows this month include "Go Veg" and we will also have a wildlife photography group live in the studio soon. And there is always more on WILD TIME

Saturday, April 26, 2008

May Schedule

To come in May:
02.05.2008 Composting Workshop with Brenda Palmer (recently recorded footage) 09.05.2008 Wildlife Photography Group live in the studio 16.05.2008 Go Veg! - Show about vegetarianism, includes an interview with Robin Webb from "Vegetarian Shoes" ... and there is more to come on WILD TIME

Yesterdays show featured Aran's John Carmody, Nara's Laura Broxson and Gillian Anderson from the DSPCA and was very insightful and informative. Thanks to all guests for their relentless persuit to improve the situation of ALL animals.

Majid Aldalamy joined Thomas Janak in the studio. Majid is from Bagdad/Iraq and lives in Rathfarnham with his family. He wants to improve his English and often comes to the Whitechurch Library in Ballyboden to read books.

Since he hasn't seen much of Ireland WILD TIME invited him to sit in during the show.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wild Time is also promoted on FACEBOOK now, simply look for Thomas Janak.

WILD TIME every Friday between 8p.m. and 9p.m. on the digital hub fm
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alternatively email to: info@holisticanimalhealing.net

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DSPCA, ARAN and NARA this friday at 8p.m.

Wild Time host Thomas Janak will be talking to Orla Aungier, education officer at the DSPCA about her work and the philosophy of Irelands oldest animal charity. Laura Broxson, which some of you remember from the show on March 8th will also be featured on the show as Thomas will ask her about upcoming events. And that's not all as Thomas will be talking to ARAN's John Carmody about an upcoming event against labaratory animal testing.

Picture left: A pig that lives on the grounds of the DSPCA

Coming up in May:

- Composting Workshop with Brenda Palmer
- Whitechurch Library Wildlife- and Nature Photography group live in the studio

and there is always more on WILD TIME

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pics from the show on April 18th with reptile breeder Thomas McElherron

On April 18th 2008 WILD TIME host Thomas Janak welcomed reptile breeder Thomas McElherron as yet another interesting guest. The "two Thomases" talked about their passion for animals and Thomas McElherron gave an informative and educational account on reptile breeding, caring for exotics, missing legislation and the pros and cons of keeping reptiles as pets.

Studio guest Thomas McElherron on Wild Time

The show offered interesting information about how to care for reptiles

Thomas Janak and studio guest Thomas McElherron

Waiting Area

The Studio from outside

Next week Thomas Janak will be talking to ecological gardener Brenda Palmer and to DSPCA education officer Orla Aungier. And there is always more on WILD TIME

Thursday, April 17, 2008


WILD TIME host/producer Thomas Janak just recorded a very interesting and informative talk about Composting. The talk was given by ecological gardener Brenda Palmer. The footage will go out on May 2nd at 8p.m. The footage will also be available as an audiobook for both the Whitechurch Library on Taylor's Lane, Ballyboden and the Ballyroan Library, Ballyboden.

On top if all that Thomas will be talking to Brenda Palmer during the WILD TIME show on April 25th.

This Friday Thomas welcomes reptile Breeder Thomas McElhron to the studio. Yet another show not to be missed!!

Composting Workshop at Ballyroan Library, Dublin on April 17th 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


ECO WEEK is currently taking place from April 14th - 18th and the South Dublin County Council published a schedule of events, which take place in different libraries.

WILD TIME will cover two events that will be broadcast in May. The footage will also be turned into AUDIOBOOK Nr. 2 for the Whitechurch Library on Taylor's Lane in Rathfarnham.

Event 1: POWER OF ONE Talk - Global warming, climate change and fuel shortages can make us all feel powerless. This event deals with the practical side of things and is about what we can do while saving energy and money ... ON AIR DATE: May 2nd 2008

Event 2: COMPOSTING WORKSHOP - Learn how to compost your kitchen and garden while protecting the environment and saving money in the process ... ON AIR DATE: May 16th 2008

And there is always more to come on WILD TIME

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Schedule

April 2008 Schedule:

04.04.2008 - Anti Fur Demonstration footage recently recorded
11.04.2008 - Wildlife filmmaker and photographer Finn Van Gelderen talks about his work
18.04.2008 - Reptile Breeder Thomas McElherron will be in the studio to talk about his fascinating subject
25.04.2008 - DSPCA education officer Orla Aungier will be talking to Thomas about the work of the DSPCA and about what the public can do to better the overall situation of our pets.

We are broadcasting on 94.3fm every friday. The show goes out between 8p.m. - 9p.m. GMT and people can listen worldwide (as they do - see neocounter on the right side of this page) via www.digitalhubfm.com