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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Check this out ...

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500 FANS ...

Fans of wild time radio on facebook has now cracked the 500 fans mark!!! A testament to WILD TIME - thanks to ALL members and fans

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A great day at the studio

Thomas Janak spent a day at the studio to pre-record three full shows + a shorter interview.

Thomas talked to David Korewicz from Feasta about "Life after Copenhagen", a great conversation which soon turned into a real in-depth analysis of the world's predicaments. There will be a 2-parter once we're back on air in mid-march.

Sociologist Roger Yates (who has been a guest on WILD TIME in 2009) returned to the studio, this time with his colleague Paul Vogel. Both gentlemen are officers for the Irish Animal Education Trust.

Last but not least, Thomas interviewed Vincent Fagne who wants to build a retirement home for old elephants in south Nepal. Listen to this interview here

David Korewicz from Feasta talked to WILD TIME host Thomas about "Life after Copenhagen"

Roger Yates and Paul Vogel from the Irish Animal Education Trust in the studio

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Interview with Dave Warwak, as aired on TGIF Radio on January 19th 2010, can now be listened to HERE

The Digital Hub FM will be back on the air waves in early/mid March 2010, dates tba soon. Interviews and footage recorded and aired before we're back on air will be announced here in due course - watch this space

Monday, January 25, 2010

An interview about cats ...

New footage uploaded HERE

Wanna be on the show??


WILD TIME is an animal rights/world conservation show, produced and hosted by holistic animal healer, pet psychologist and radio program maker Thomas Janak. Well over 65 shows have been produced and aired so far.

There are different ways to get on the show

1. Live in the studio

If you are Ireland based you could be a live guest for a full hour and you could bring two more people from your organisation as the studio easily fits three people. We’re broadcasting live from the heart of the liberties in Dublin on The Digital Hub FM on 94.3fm or globally on www.digitalhubfm.com (archive accessible via link, live streaming only accessible on on-air days. The studio is located here: Crane Street, off Thomas Street, Dublin 8 -– for shows and pictures see


2. On the phone or online

WILD TIME often covers live events and the footage recorded during such an event will then get uploaded on Indymedia.ie – for shows, pictures and the link to the uploaded footage see www.wildtimeonline.blogspot.com

We can also do phone interviews varying in length from between 15 – 60 minutes, which could then be used for either the live show on The Digital Hub FM or the online version.

3. On the video blog

WILD TIME also has a video blog on BLOG TV, where we record 30-minutes shows on video. You need a webcam (with in-built microphone) and you would have to sign up on www.blogtv.com and become a friend of WILD TIME. Once you’ve signed up just send a friend request to www.blogtv.com/people/wildtimeradio and that’s all you have to do.

Straight after recording the video is available on the WILD TIME page on blog tv.

Please become a fan of wild time on facebook™:


Alternatively you can drop us a line on info@holisticanimalhealing.net or give us a buzz on 00353 86 31 01 422 (mobile/cell).

WILD TIME is run on a volunteer basis and we are not able to pay you for your time on air/online etc.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To come to WILD TIME

Two more shows are being pre-recorded somewhen next week to be aired upon the return of The Digital Hub FM to the airwaves.

01) Paul Vogel and Roger Yates (a previous WILD TIME guest) will do a joint interview with Thomas Janak about the Irish Animal Trust, a new trust for which both gentlemen are officers. Another fellow officer for the trust is Bernie Wright, who has also been on WILD TIME in the past.

Thomas will join her group for the protest against Hare Coursing, scheduled for February 3rd 2010 in Clonmel - the footage will be uploaded on WILD TIME online in due course.

02) Live after Copenhagen - WILD TIME will explore the future of climate change and activism. Confirmed guests are J.J. Haughton (Friends of the Irish forests) and Billy Flynn from the Irish Wildlife Trust.

On air dates for the shows will be announced shortly.

An interview with ecologist Julia Feliz about the extinction of species at a record rate has been scheduled for February 11th over on our WILD TIME Video site.

... and there is always more to come to WILD TIME

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ocean defender Oriana Kalama on WILD TIME VIDEO

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak will be talking to ocean defender Oriana Kalama, who is known to a wide audience through her work for Akuki TV in Hawaii.

Oriana, who in the past had no problems hunting and killing what she eats, is now a vegetarian and we will talk about her love for the ocean and animals and more.

One not to be missed - see www.blogtv.com/people/wildtimeradio

Interview scheduled for Januaty 18th 2p.m. Hawaiian time (Midnight GMT)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Moving 4-ward

There are 4 different formats and therefore 4 different options to get on wild time and to access wild time - this is your show!! Use it

01. WILD TIME RADIO on the digital hub fm

02. WILD TIME VIDEO on blog TV


04. WILD TIME online

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First videoblog uploaded

While we're waiting for the 2010 on air dates of The Digital Hub FM, WILD TIME continues and goes from strength to strength.

The 65th Wild Time show was on air on January 12th and was the first ever to be recorded on video. Its topic was "Animals and Christianity" and the show is now uploaded on the blogtv page of Thomas's guest Debbie McFarland, who founded TGIF, on which WILD TIME is on air every Tuesday night at 8p.m. /1.a.m. Dublin time!!

There are more shows to come in January. Pls check the links on the upper corner on the right hand side of this blog to see where and what is going on.

Please also watch this space as there is always more to come on WILD TIME here on the digital hub fm!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wild Time Video Blog

WILD TIME just added WILD TIME VIDEO to its services - if you have a webcam and are an activst or work in the field of animal rights or the environment please get in touch!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Next WILD TIME SHOW scheduled

The next WILD TIME show is scheduled for January 12th 8p.m. EST (1a.m. GMT).


Comments re Keith Mann Interview

Every now and then we actually do go back to our uploads to see if there is actually anyone listening :-)

The interview we did with ALF member Keith Mann prompted some listeners to leave rather nice remarks:

thanx!by carmen4thepets Sun Nov 29, 2009 23:58
it's always a pleasure to hear you!thanks so much!

who is the bigger threat to the status quo, activist or murderer?by Alfie Mon Nov 30, 2009 02:17

Holy shit! I've heard of people get less for murder! what did he do? I guess an animal rights activist prepared to destroy property (but not hurt anyone) for a cause or an "eco terrorist" who hits property (but does not hurt anyone) is more of a threat to the status quo than a common murderer (who kills people for selfish reasons) these days it seems.

That puts Rossport in perspective I guess

Jeff leurs in the US is another such example.

He set fire to a few SUV'S (which were subsequently repaired and sold!)
The local axe murderer got a lighter sentence from the same court.

A great listen. by Bea Elliott Sat Dec 26, 2009 23:18
Quite enlightening... Thank you! :)