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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Archive now working

The archived shows of WILD TIME are all up now and are fully working

Monday, March 30, 2009

Technical difficulties

Hi @ all,

with the exception of last Fridays' show all other 2009 shows on our archive are fully working.

Broken links are and have been a reality since the inception of the internet and the IT department of the Digital Hub has been informed about the issue and we hope the show will be up very soon.

Next Friday on WILD TIME: A grand day out - Thomas Janak and his girlfriend Nicole recently went to Dublin to check out shops in order to find vegetarina and vegan products as well as cruelty free products from oils to cremes, from washing up liquid to conditioner.

Many interviews and tips on where to find all that and about the price ranges will all be covered on the show this coming Friday - pls tune in

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 27th Show

Gill Brady from CALL, Celtic Animal Life Line

Thomas Janak welcomed Gill Brady from CALL to his show WILD TIME. Thomas's own dog Charlie is a rescue dog, which Thomas got from CALL back in April of 2006.

Charlie is now used on all of Thomas's' animal healing related merchandise and promotion and the dog has his own bi-lingual website.

Next weeks' show highlight cruelty-free products and contains a number of interviews with shop owners from Dublin.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


More good news! All WILD TIME shows of 2009, past and future, are and will be up on the Internet for people to listen to whenever they feel like it.

Check them out HERE

From now on you can always listen to a missed show or listen again!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pics from the show on March 20th 2009

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak and his guests explored the pro's and con's of vegetarianism
Dearan Hoggerty, convicted vegetarian and founder of Babylon Radio

Ex-Vegetarian Paul Dunne, station manager of The Digital Hub FM
Laura Broxton from NARA (National Animal Rights Association)

Next Friday Gill Brady from the Celtic Animal Life Line (CALL for short) will be joining Thomas Janak in the studio. Thomas will also be talking to Vita's Jenny Douglas on the phone - pls tune in!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Appeal for Stray dogs helping charity

Gerald Kern from the German "Initiative-Streunerhunde" (Initiative for stray dogs) talked to WILD TIME host Thomas Janak live in air last Friday, March 13th.

The small volunteer-run charity is currently looking for funding towards medical bills. Below you'll find their bank details.


Initiative-Streunerhunde e.V.
VR Bank Oldenburg Land West eG
Kto. 11247000
BLZ 28069092

IBAN DE98 2806 9092 0011 2470 00

WILD TIME is back on air next Friday with a show about the pro's and con's of vegetarianism/veganism

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update about the show on Friday, March 13th 2009

Jenny Douglas had to pull out regarding the planned phone interview for this Friday and we will be interviewing her at a later stage.

Thomas Janak will be talking to Gerald Keen, a German animal activist, whose house has been set on fire and some of his dogs died in the flames. He also tries to raise funds for BETTY, an animal that needs medical attention.

WILD TIME will also report on ARAN's seal hunt protest and the footage will include an interview with ARAN founder John Carmody and Philippe Carr, Pressofficer for the EU Commission representatives of Ireland.

On March 10th ARAN staged a peaceful protest against Canada's seal hunt and ...

... the killing of these beautiful animals cruelty and in large numbers.

Quite a lot of people came out to support ARAN.

ARAN's John Carmody will be Thomas Janak's studio guest on WILD TIME on May 8th.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Cruelty Free Products in Dublin" show pre-recorded

With all March shows fully scheduled, Thomas Janak and his girlfriend recently went to town to "hunt down" shops that offer meat-free and cruelty-free products. The interviewees of this show, which is scheduled for APRIL 4th 2009, include Jack Irwin from DOWN TO EARTH, members of staff from NOURISH, HEALTH MATTERS, THE BODY SHOP and Phil West from CORNUCOPIA.

Special thanks to Phil by the way as he was so generous and treated Thomas and his girlfriend Nicole, who took all the pictures posted below, for a lovely piece of cake free of charge. As a radio program maker "threatening people with a microphone" one very rarely gets spoiled like that. A brilliant ending to an exciting Saturday morning on the hunt for cruelty - free products!

Thomas and a member of staff at "Nourish" in Dublin
Laura from "The Body Shop" talked to Thomas Janak about their range of cruelty - free products
In conversation with Jack Irwin from "Down to Earth"
Thomas talking to Phil West from CORNUCOPIA

Show on March 6th

Laura Broxton from the National Animal Rights Association (NARA)was Thomas Janak's guest on the show on March 6th. Our deepest apologies to Bob Wilson, with whom Thomas had scheduled a phone interview. Unfortunately all lines were down and no outbound calls were possible.

Laura and Thomas talked about artist Seamus Nolan and his infamous art exhibition in Drogheda, anti fur campaigns, veganism/vegetarianism and pro's and con's of ZOOs.

Laura will be back on March 20th helping Thomas with his show about vegetarianism and the effects of meat production on the planet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on tomorrow's show (06.03.09)

As previously announced, tomorrow's show will feature NARA's Laura Broxton, who will be talking to WILD TIME host Thomas Janak about campaigns past and present. Thomas will be talking to CELT CEO Bob Wilson on the phone about his environment education charity and there will be a 13-minutes insert about today's "Meet free March" event, featuring interviews with Fergus from Lush and Rita-Marie Lawlor (pictured).

Listeners will, of course, be able to text in and ask Thomas and Laura any question in relation to their work.

Beautifully prepared Vegan food was on display and it showed that there is no need for animal consumption in any way

LUSH staff members and Aran's very own Rita-Marie Lawlor during the "Meet-free March" event on March 5th 2009

Rita is not only an activist but also an acclaimed freelance photographer and filmmaker. Visit her Website here