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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog whisperer meets dog listener (and more)

Wild Time host Thomas Janak has often been described by the media as Dr. Doolittle or the dog whisperer and he has been tried and tested on many TV and radio stations. Regular listeners therefore know a lot about animal communication. But it gets better as Thomas will be joined in the studio on October 3rd by Dog Listener Jaqueline Murk.

Both Thomas and Jaqueline will be at the Pet Expo at the RDS this year. To tell you all about it Thomas will be chatting to Marie Murphy, one of the organisers of the expo over the phone - a full show NOT TO BE MISSED

Scheduled shows for autumn so far:

26.09.08 "Party Animal" Book Launch footage
03.10.08 Dog Listener Jaqueline Murk

10.10.08 Aran: Rally against animal cruelty footage

Also to be covered on wild time: Canal Critters, Festival of world cultures (health and environmental issues) - dates tba.

... and there is always more to come on wild time!

What ever happened to Sam ...

I guess all of you who have a show on The Digital Hub remember Sam Lyons, who worked with Paul Dunne and all of us for a good few years. At the moment he is travelling the world. He himself calls it "An adventure of three friends+2 as they travel across Asia and Australasia to discover themselves and the world around them." - he has a regularly updated BLOG that is very interesting. Why don't you have a look and even leave a comment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Digital Hub FM


26TH SEP 2008 - 19th DEC 2008

Available on FM in Dublin City
or worldwide via weblink
Music, Entertainment, Discussion, Local
History, Sports, Youth Programmes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Canal Critters" to come to WILDTIME

As part of 2008s Heritage Week the Irish Wildlife Trust* has organised an event, which runs on five consecutive days (25th - 29th August) aptly titled: "Canal Critters".

The day will start with a colourful wildlife presentation and water safety talk before participants take part in a nature trail and net for canal critters to identify.

The Irish Wildlife Trust hopes the day will lead to a better understanding and awareness of our wonderful canal wildlife and heritage.

For more info click HERE.

WILDTIME will join the event on August 25th and will record bits and pieces for a future show date.

* - Irish Wildlife Trust's Sean Meehan was guest on WILDTIME before the summer break

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old news is good news

Since we are enjoying our summer break, wouldn't it be nice to check out (and re-listen)past "In-Depth" shows. IN-DEPTH was Thomas Janak's social justice show on NEAR90FM, which ran from May 2006 - January 2008, with 81 shows going out on air:


01 - 06.05.2006 THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY with studio guests John Brogan (co-host) and radio program presenter Paul Graham. The show looks at the music industry and features interviews with legendary artists SPARKS and PAUL HUMPHREYS (Ex- OMD). *

02 - 13.05.2006 ANIMAL WELFARE, a show which features a full length interview with Ashley Doran – Wong about holistic animal healing, an interview with Dave Neale from Animals Asia and and an interview with the ISPCA about neutering animals as well as footage recorded on a night out with the BLUE CROSS. *

03 - 20.05.2006 MULTICULTURAL IRELAND with Intercultural centre Co-Ordinator Jacob Nwazota originally from Nigeria, Spain – born NEAR FM station manager Sally Galiana and Russian lady Tatjana Trutova. Co – hosted by John Brogan. *

04 - 27.05.2006 SAFETY FIRST – THE MUSIC INDUSTRY – the show explores the danger of going to gigs and events and features a 30-minute interview with Deborah Rees, who runs the website “SAFECONCERTS”. The show also features an interview with Jimmy MacDonnell, self-proclaimed biggest fan of Snooker – legend Jimmy White. Co – hosted by John Brogan*

05 - 06.06.2006 GLOBALISATION from an African point of view, featuring footage recorded at the Africa Centre in Dublin.

06 - 13.06.2006 CLIMATE CHANGE with studio guest Niamh Garvey from CHRISTIAN AID. The show also features an interview with the director of the Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Peter Wyse Jackson.

07 - 20.06.2006 PERCEPTION – how “we” look at youth and involve youth in music. With studio guests Aaron Kennedy, who runs the DRUMMING ACADEMY in Dublin and “Masamba” Samba Group Teacher Simeon Smith. The show also features an interview with Drummer Ronan O`Reilly who works for MUSIC MAKER.

08 - 27.06.2006 AFGHANISTAN with studio guest Dawi Roushan who talked about his life in war- torn Afghanistan and in Ireland. The show also features an interview about the services of the “Samaritans”.

09 - 04.07.2006 COMPLIMENTARY THERAPIES looks at complimentary ways of healing and featured studio guests Kate Maher, who did a live TAROT reading during the show and Reiki master Nicole Valentin who is also a fully qualified Swedish body massage therapist.

10 - 11.07.2006 THE PALESTINE – ISRAEL CONFLICT was another interesting show which featured interviews conducted by Thomas in Belfast and Dublin and had Palestine/Israel expert Dr. Francesco Cavatorta as a studio guest.

11 - 18.07.2006 LITHUANIA – the show looked at a country largely unknown to the world and featured footage from a recent profile-raising event.

12 - 25.07.2006 MUSIC TALK provided a platform for French presenter Aurelie Montfront to play and talk about her interviews with Irish artists ASLAN and THE REDNECK MANIFESTO.

13 - 01.08.2006 HIV AND AIDS featuring studio guest Breda Gahan, global HIV/AIDS advisor for NGO CONCERN. The show was a built up to the XVI. International Aids Conference which took place in August in Toronto/Canada.

14 - 08.08.2006 PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS featured interviews with mediums Stewart Keys and Carol Stirling and live guests Mark Guerin and Gavin Byrne who are involved in mentioned investigations.

15 - 15.08.2006 THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY tried to rehash the spirit of the same show, which had been aired earlier in the year. Studio guest: George Mulcahy from NEAR FM.

22.08.2006 NO SHOW

16 - 29.08.2006 09/11 – 5 YEARS ON dealt with the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on America and featured interviews with a woman who lived in New York at the time of the World Trade Center attacks and another woman who was in Saudi Arabia when the attack occurred. Thought provoking.





IN – DEPTH dedicated one full month to the conference and offered over 40 individual pieces from interviews to press conferences and seminar / panel coverage from Toronto. The footage travelled to five countries and was aired on numerous stations across the country.

21 - 03.10.2006 ANIMAL WELFARE II with studio guest Sarah Guenther who runs the East Galway Animal Rescue centre. The show also features an interview with Caroline and Mike Townsley who currently try to rescue their beloved police dog “Saxon”.

22 - 10.10.2006 FREE LEONARD PELTIER – a call backed by Robert Redford and Nelson Mandela. Leonard Peltier is imprisoned for over 30 years for a crime he never committed. Studio guests: Dave Bailey and Gemma Sharkey.

23 - 17.10.2006 09/11 – 5 YEARS ON (Part II) - more voices from New York

24 - 24.10.2006 AFRI HEDGESCHOOL special event report

25 - 31.10.2006 MISSION LEBANON with telephone interviewees Miche├íl Mac Diarmada, who runs the “LebProject” and Dr. Abdul Sayegh from Q´ana in the Lebanon.

07.11.2006 NO SHOW

14.11.2006 NO SHOW

26 - 21.11.2006 various topics – hosted by Alan Braddish filling in for Thomas Janak

27 - 28.11.2006 BREAST CANCER with a guest from the Irish Cancer Society

28 - 05.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part I

29 - 12.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part II

30 - 19.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part III

26.12.2006 NO SHOW due to Christmas – special broadcast

31 - 02.01.07 Special report: RALLY AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY

32 - 09.01.07 COMMON MALE CANCERS with a guest from the Irish cancer society

33 - 16.01.07 DISABILITIES with Near 90 FMs own Brendan Crean and Jimmy McDonnell

34 - 23.01.07 FUR IS MURDER with Laura Broxson from the Coalition For The Abolishment Of Fur Trade


36 - 06.02.07 HEART DISEASE – AN UNDERESTIMATED KILLER with Dr. Anthony Cummins

37 - 13.02.07 ASYLUM POLITICS with Roslyn Fuller

38 - 20.02.07 STRESS with yoga – teacher Marie-Angeline Lascaux

39 - 27.02.07 THE LACK OF MEDICAL FACILITIES IN IRELAND with Dr. Anthony Cummins

06.03.07 NO SHOW

13.03.07 NO SHOW

40 - 20.03.07 ASH - ANIMAL RESCUE SERVICE with Helena LeMahieu

41 - 27.03.07 “THE BRIDGE TO JAPAN” special report from the Chester Beatty Library on the city building of the old Edo (Tokyo)

42 - 03.04.07 CHINESE NEW YEAR – SECHUAN OPERA – special report from the Chester Beatty Library

43 - 10.04.07 INTEGRATION DAY – report from the festivities of the Intercultural Centre and the Rainbow Neighbourhood Project

44 - 17.04.07 BLOODY HARVEST PART I – footage from a seminar on organ harvesting featuring interviews with Fallun Gong practitioner Ming Zhao and international human rights lawyer David Matas

45 - 24.04.07 BLOODY HARVEST PART II – continuation of part I

46 - 01.05.2007 INTERNATIONAL MUSICFAIR I – contains of performances and interviews with many artists as well as of interviews with many organisations who aim for more education in the field of music

47 - 08.05.2007 INTERNATIONAL MUSICFAIR II – continuation of part I

48 - 15.05.2007 CYBERPSYCHOLOGY with Andrew Power and Dr. Grainne Kirwan from the IADT/ Dun Laoghaire, Gavin Byrne and Nick Jackman from Near90FM

49 - 22.05.2007 BEST OF INDEPTH PART I – 1st anniversary special broadcast

50 - 29.05.2007 BEST OF INDEPTH PART II - 1st anniversary special broadcast

51 - 05.06.2007 ANVIL – animals need a voice in legislation with Miriam Anderson from Anvil

52 - 12.06.2007 INDIA AND THE SIKH with Satwinder Singh from the Sikh Council of Ireland

53 - 19.06.2007 OBESITY with Mary K. Anderson and Kate Maher

54 - 26.06.2007 THE MEDIA with Near90FM founder Jack Byrne

55 - 03.07.2007 ANGELS/Belief systems with medium Mary K. Anderson, Yoga healer Marie Angeline Lascaux and John Mannings

56 - 10.07.2007 ASH – Animal Rescue Follow UP show. Thomas Janak travelled to ASH for an overnight stay, which turned out to be very interesting and informative.

57 - 17.07.2007 FRIENDS OF THE ELDERLY – nearly 30 000 elderly people are living in Dublin and most of them are isolated and lonely. Reason enough for IN-DEPTH to get in touch with “Friends of the elderly”.

58 - 24.07.2007 COMBAT POVERTY with Bevin Cody

59 - 31.07.2007 FRIENDS OF THE ELDERLY II – Independence Day festivities

60 - 07.08.2007 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE with Margaret Martin from Woman’s Aid Ireland

61 - 14.08.2007 THE ECLECTIC SESSIONS – PART I charity event in aid of fighting blindness at the Sugarclub

62 - 21.08.2007 INTEGRATION with Flavia Corredetti and Abdul Haseeb



65 - 11.09.2007 THE HARRY POTTER PHENOMENON with 8-years-old Nicky Rogers – Fallon, his mum Regina and Near90FMs own Jimmy MacDonnell

66 - 18.09.2007 SPIRIT OF THE WILD exhibition coverage

67 - 25.09.2007 BIKERS – what are they and how does society view them? With guest Stuart Bobbett

68 - 02.10.2007 HERITAGE WEEK – Footage recorded at St. Nicholas of Myra during 2007s National Heritage Week. The show features lovely interviews and lively music

69 - 09.10.2007 FESTIVAL OF WORLD CULTURES – PART I – The two parter highlights mainly environmental issues but also reports on interculturalism


71 - 23.10.2007 SPIRIT OF THE WILD II – The show features interviews with wolf expert Tanja Askani and wildlife photographer Steve Bloom

72 - 30.10.2007 – ALL IRELAND ANIMAL WELFARE CONFERENCE – PART I – This three parter highlights all the action needed or already undertaken to give animals a better life in Ireland




76 - 27.11.2007 – SPIRITUALITY with Siobhan O‘ Hanlon & Mary K. Anderson

77 - 04.12.2007 – BEST OF IN-DEPTH 2007 - Part I

78 - 11.12.2007 – BEST OF IN-DEPTH 2007 - Part II

79 - 17.12.2007 – BEST OF INDEPTH 2007 – Part III

80 - 08.01.2008 – NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEAF PEOPLE with Brendan Lennon

81 - 15.01.2008 – CRIME VICTIM HELPLINE

* - on LIBER8 FM, all other shows on NEAR FM

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kind words

N.A.R.A.'s 1st Anniversary - A year in review

Thanks for your support Thomas, and for your help in spreading the word for animals throughout the past year.
Best wishes, Laura


We do wish Nara continued success and will continue to support them as best we can

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's to come - "Party Animal" Book Launch July 1st 2008

Whiskas' 50th birthday was celebrated in style with the launch of a book titled: "Party Animals" - a book compiled by Marissa Mackle that consists of 36 short stories, written by some of the most acclaimed Irish writers of our time like e.g. Maeve Binchy. ALL proceeds of the book go to five Irish charities with ASH being one of them.

The launch took place on July 1st 2008 at Hughes&Hughes in the Stephen Green's Shopping Centre. The show will go out on September 26th, the first show after the summer break.
Roxanna Parker is one of the contributing writers for the "Party Animal" book

Marissa Mackle compiled the book over a period of three years. Her rescue kitten is called "Jagger" after Mick Jagger, the ultimate "party animal" to quote Marissa.