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Monday, November 16, 2009

Schedule and a peak into the future ...

November/December 2009 Schedule*

01. 20.11.2009 11.a.m. GMT: BEST OF SUMMER 2009 - snippets from the wild time online shows recorded over the summer of 2009. Footage includes: Interview with canine psychologist Patrice Campion, Portobello Canal Protection Group footage, Interview with Ann Kingston and Louise Kings re The Irish Dog Journal and more.

02. 27.11.2009 11.a.m. GMT: INTERVIEW with Diane Rowles from the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, Bulgaria plus footage from the NARA protest outside the Charles River laboratories in Co. Mayo

03. 04.12.2009 11.a.m. GMT: BERNIE Wright and Laura Broxton talk to Thomas Janak about the state of animal welfare and rights in Ireland

04. 11.12.2009 11.a.m. GMT: ROGER YATES, sociologist and lecturer, talks in-depth about many issues and topics, including the human/non-human animal relationship

05. 18.12.2009 11.a.m. GMT: ROGER YATES in conversation with Thomas Janak continues. This show will also feature footage from ARAN's rally against animal cruelty

To come in 2010 (on air dates tba):

01. Interview with animal rights activists Keith Mann (UK) and Ahmed Diab (Egypt)

02. A conversation with Lyn Genders about the effect the moon has on the planet

also to come: Interview with vegan activist and author Carolyn Scott and more!!

Make this your favourite show - we won't let you down

* - subject to change without prior notice

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