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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pics from the show on May 30th

Belgium born entrepreneur Olivier Van der Elst was talking to WILD TIME host Thomas Janak on yesterday's edition of WILD TIME. Olivier co-founded Greenair where they promote and sell exhaust free, environment friendly cars. Their car, called the REVAI has won prestigious awards so far and is readibly available almost everywhere in Europe.

Olivier, who joined the conversation from a hotel room in Galway, explained the reasons behind the car and the obvious money saving scheme behind it. Also mentioned was a new internet page, Olivier wants people to look at!

Thomas is listening to his phone interviewee Olivier Van der Elst from Greenair

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greyhounds ... the big loosers of the lot

click here for yet another heartbreaking video - when will it stop if ever??


Two people from VOICE will be joining Thomas in the studio on June 6th between 8 - 9p.m. - this will be the last show before the summer break and WILD TIME will be back on September 26th .

This friday Olivier Van der Elst from Greenaer will be talking to Thomas on the phone. Greenair are promoting exhaust free cars that are good for the environment.

Holiday Season - please be kind

My brother sent me this from Germany:

You woke up in the morning, very early, and you packed the bags.
You took my lead – I was so happy, just a little walk before the holidays – GREAT!

We drove for a while and you stopped on the sidewalk of the street. The door opened and you threw a stick. I ran and ran as fast as I could to get the stick to bring it back to you. When I finally got back you were gone!!

In a panic I ran in all directions hoping to find you, I ran and I ran until I was completely exhausted. I was hungry and very afraid.

A man came and put a collar around my neck and soon I found myself in a cage waiting for you to return. But you never came.

The strange man opened the cage again and brought me into a room – it smelled of death! My time was up!

Beloved master, I want you to know that despite all the suffering you put me through I will always remember you. And if I were to be reborn I would return to you because I love you so much!!


This is so heartbreaking and so true.

With the holiday season upon us PLEASE be reasonable and DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PETS

Monday, May 26, 2008

MARS kills animals

shocking info and video on animal voice

WILD TIME is back on Friday with studio guest Olivier Van der Elst from Greenair

Friday's show will honour and grieve all animals that suffer needlessly in the name of science with a minute of silence after the mid-show song at around 8.30p.m.

The last show before the summer break will be on June 6th and will be a recap of all that made wildtime so brilliant!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Taisce and Friends of the Irish environment

The beautiful and passionate Anja Murray, Natural Environment ...

... Officer with An Taisce, which means "The treasure" translated into English, ...

... was yet another interesting WILD TIME guest. Thomas was joined on the phone ...

... by Tony Lowes from Friends of the Irish environment, and it was heartbreaking ...

... to hear from these charming experts how bad the overall situation of our Irish wildlife and environment really is.

By the same token, it was encouraging to listen to Anja and Tony as they have the strength to continue fighting for their noble causes and they encourage people to join them.


Next week Thomas will be talking to Olivier Van der Elst from Greenair live in the studio.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pics from the show on May 16th 2008

John McLoughlin, executive director of the Tree Council ...

... of Ireland, gave a brilliant overview of ...

... the current situation of Irish forests, together with valuable tips ...

... on which trees to plant in your own back garden

WILD TIMEs well-tanned guest (he just got back from Italy) was a very engaging, nice to listen to character and we all enjoyed the show very well.

John wrote: "Thanks for a wonderful evening and thanks to Nicole* for the coffee" - you're welcome.

WILD TIME also likes to thank "Vegetarian Shoes" shop owner Robin Webb, to whom we spoke on the phone.

* - Nicole is Thomas Janak's beautiful girlfriend, who is also taking all the pictures for the blog. Furthermore, she is also a fully qualified webmaster and responsible for Thomas' own animal healing related website www.holisticanimalhealing.net

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have your say - POLL UP

On the right hand side of this page you'll find a poll with multiple choice options. Vote for your favourite topic on WILD TIME. Poll will close on June 6th (after last show before summer break)

Let's spay together ...

Spaying and Neutering is upon us soon! Let's all make the right decision.

40 unwanted dogs and cats (on average) get euthanised every day in our pounds.

YOU can make that stop! - Have your animals neutered/spayed and enjoy healthy companions.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


by Mae Newman


Slap bang in the middle of the road he stood,
stretched to his full height, in a stately pose,
his dead lover at his feet.

Heartbroken, demented, not knowing which way to turn,
you could sense the anger, despair, heartache.

Looking at each car, pleading, help me
bring her back to life.

And the next thought, if this is human I don't want to know.

You could taste the venom he was spitting
the grief he was feeling.

Not knowing what to do,
I thought of stopping, maybe help.
Then I was too far gone to go back.

How could I have known a bird, a pheasant,
could love and suffer like a man.


Mae read out this poem during the show on May 9th and gave WILDTIME permission to (re)publish the poem here. Thanks to Mae for this wonderful poem.

Dog starved to death - as part of "art exhibition"

One of God's creatures left to die during ...

... an "art" exhibition

http://www.petitiononline.com/ea6gk/petition.html - please sign.

The stray dog had been snatched off the street with the help of local kids just to be tied up so that people can watch it die. More info available on the actual page of the petition.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Latest Update

Sean Meehan from the Irish Wildlife Trust has announced his appeareance on WILD TIME on June 6th, the last show before the summer break.

That means that all remaining spring shows are now fully scheduled. Have a look at the May Schedule for what's to come on WILD TIME

Pics from the Wildlife Photography Group Show on May 9th

Pre Show

Thomas Janak talked to Finn Van Gelderen about the Wildlife Photography Course

The show in full swing

Mae Newman, Maura Lundberg (participants of the wildlife photography group) and Breda Bollard (Whitechurch Library Librarian)

The guests were brilliant

What better way to conclude the evening

Show host Thomas Janak invited a wildlife photography group, headed by Finn Van Gelderen, into the studio on May 9th. The course is on offer at the Whitechurch Library on Taylor's Lane, Rathfarnham.

Thomas was also joined by librarian Breda Bollard.

It was an interesting and uplifting show and also featured a poem by Mae Newman, titled: "Silent Cry", which will be up on this page soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Radio Station Schedule


08.00 What's The Story? - Morning Show with Tommy & Emma ,Including Shane Byrne's Sports Desk
10.00 Sound Write - Four part series in support of Adult Literacy , Presented by Susan Clarke, with panelists, guests & interviews
11.00 Historic Events - with Frank Connolly
11.30 Slainte -Health Show with Dr Anthony
12.00 Music Special: The Jazz Hour With Clifford Brown
13.00 Lunchtime Favourites - Music & Chat with Bernard Warfield
14.00 Urban Worldwide Mix
15.00 The Buzz - With Stephen, Karl & Emma
16.30 Hubcaps - The Friday Drivetime Show & Round Up of all that makes Digital Hub FM great!
Presented by Gerry Kilby, Declan Arthur & the Hubcaps team
18.00 Dublin 8 Connections - With Liz, Charlie & John - Local reflections, discussion & music requests
19.00 Spinning Through The Years - Gerry & Marie take you on a trip down Dublin of the 50s & 60s with music & memories
20.00 Wild Time - World Conservation with Thomas Janak
21.00 Finnegan -Arts & culture show with Edward Delany & Guests
22.00 World Roots - World musics with Anthony Cummins
23.00 Arcadia - Late night alternative music with Paul Graham
24.00 Close

Support noted - kind words

Wild Time has been mentioned on Aran's April newsletter:

At ARAN we know how important grassroots activism is. Each and every single day ARAN works with many activists, volunteers and members of the public to help them stage peaceful protests, education, leafleting, information stands plus much more, here we take the time out to say THANK YOU for helping to support our work across Ireland.

(followed by a list of people)

21. Thomas Janak of Holistic Animal Healing for his constant promotion of Animal Rights Action Network’s campaigns work on the Dublin radio station he works for."


Dear John and fellow campaigners at Aran,

to me you are the real heroes and I am delighted that I can be of assistance. Keep up the good work.


Friday, May 2, 2008


We have now finalised the schedule for May (and might still be able to squeeze in more):

02.05. COMPOSTING WORKSHOP - pre recorded footage from a recent event, with ecological gardener Brenda Palmer

09.05. WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP live in the studio. This will be good craic. Film maker Finn Van Gelderen will also be live in the studio.

16.05. Thomas will be joined in the studio by John McLoughlin from the Tree Council of Ireland . During the show Thomas will also speak with Robin Webb, who runs the "Vegetarian Shoes" shop in Brighton/UK

23.05. Tony Lowes from the Friends of the Irish Environment will be on the phone and Anja Murray ,Natural Environment Officer with An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland will be live in the studio

30.05. Olivier Vander Elst from Greenaer Mobility Ltd. will be live in the studio

... and there is always more on Wild Time.

We are delighted to have a full five week run to highlight environmental issues!!

Wild Time on 94.3fm or www.digitalhubfm.com every Friday between 8p.m. and 9p.m.

We are broadcasting from The Digital Depot on Crane Street (off Thomas Street)from the heart of the liberties. Text us on 087 - 943 3100 during the show or email anytime to info@holisticanimalhealing.net