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I was born and raised in Offenbach/Germany and emigrated to the beautiful country of Ireland in August 2000 where I lived until August 2010. I have now moved to Birmingham in the UK

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Widtime Archive 2008

All 2008 shows can now be listened to as well. Visit us HERE!!!


Animal Voice said...

hey TJ

just leaving you a msg here to say i've just sent you an email back - actually did forward the reply that i sent you back in March.. ;o)

:: Love & Liberation ::


TJ said...

Hi, there seems to be something wrong with the email as I haven't received an email :-(

Not to worry, could you send me an email to t.janak@gmx.de please, so that I can make proper contact with you.

That would be nice, thanks

Talk soon,