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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pictures from the show on May 15th 2009

A very engaging guest: Lothar Muschkikat from "Eagles Flying"
Lothar Muschkikat and Thomas Janak after the show

Thomas Janak welcomed the appearance of Lothar Muschkikat of the Raptor and Birds Of Pray sanctuary "Eagles Flying" (n the studio) and "Silver" from "Silvers Ferret and Exotic Bird Sanctuary" (on the phone) to WILD TIME.

The show explored a very different area of animal welfare topics when talking about the issues faced by wild birds, exotics and ferrets.

Read and check out what Silver has to offer:

Ferret or bird issues:
* When faced with any reason at all why you can no longer keep your ferret(s) or parrot(s) (budgie, lovebird, cockatoo, etc).
* When you happen to have a ferret or bird you can no longer handle, has turned ‘vicious’, is sick or noisy or too expensive?
* When you’re desperately looking for help with some behavioural or training issues or even just for some general life improvements.

Here's what you do:
* Pick up the phone and call us: 087-1234443 or, if you prefer, Email us on SilversSanctuary@Gmail.com
* We will deal with improvement, behavioural and training issues at the animal’s home where possible.
* With handovers we’ll arrange to collect the ferret(s) or bird(s) from your home.
* We will not give you money for your ferret or bird. As a not-for-profit organisation we just can’t.
* We will not breed with them, nor sell them on. Birds will chipped and vaccinated. Ferrets will be chipped, neutered/spayed and vaccinated.
* If you wish, we will send you updates on the progress of you ferret or bird.
* Finally - congratulate yourself for doing the right thing for your ferret or bird!


Why not visit www.parrotssymposium.com for Irelands 1st parrot symposium!

Eagles Flying can be contacted here!!

Please remember: If you have missed the show or want to listen to it again, you can do so on: www.digitalhubfm.com or click on the links provided on the upper right hand side of this blog.

To come to Wild Time:

22.05.2009 Special broadcast: International Music fair Frankfurt 2009

29.05.2009 Schoolchildren from Singh Street NS live in the studio, Feline expert Dr. Vet Sarah Caney on the phone

05.06.2009 Thomas gets a guided tour by Jackie Ronaldson who runs the Stonebrook Pet Farm in Ballymore Eustace

12.06.2009 Helena Le Mahieu from ASH live in the studio

And there is always more to come - watch this space!!

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