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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To come to WILD TIME

Two more shows are being pre-recorded somewhen next week to be aired upon the return of The Digital Hub FM to the airwaves.

01) Paul Vogel and Roger Yates (a previous WILD TIME guest) will do a joint interview with Thomas Janak about the Irish Animal Trust, a new trust for which both gentlemen are officers. Another fellow officer for the trust is Bernie Wright, who has also been on WILD TIME in the past.

Thomas will join her group for the protest against Hare Coursing, scheduled for February 3rd 2010 in Clonmel - the footage will be uploaded on WILD TIME online in due course.

02) Live after Copenhagen - WILD TIME will explore the future of climate change and activism. Confirmed guests are J.J. Haughton (Friends of the Irish forests) and Billy Flynn from the Irish Wildlife Trust.

On air dates for the shows will be announced shortly.

An interview with ecologist Julia Feliz about the extinction of species at a record rate has been scheduled for February 11th over on our WILD TIME Video site.

... and there is always more to come to WILD TIME

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