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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A great day at the studio

Thomas Janak spent a day at the studio to pre-record three full shows + a shorter interview.

Thomas talked to David Korewicz from Feasta about "Life after Copenhagen", a great conversation which soon turned into a real in-depth analysis of the world's predicaments. There will be a 2-parter once we're back on air in mid-march.

Sociologist Roger Yates (who has been a guest on WILD TIME in 2009) returned to the studio, this time with his colleague Paul Vogel. Both gentlemen are officers for the Irish Animal Education Trust.

Last but not least, Thomas interviewed Vincent Fagne who wants to build a retirement home for old elephants in south Nepal. Listen to this interview here

David Korewicz from Feasta talked to WILD TIME host Thomas about "Life after Copenhagen"

Roger Yates and Paul Vogel from the Irish Animal Education Trust in the studio

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