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Monday, April 6, 2009

To come to Wild Time ...

A well tanned John Carmody, founder of the Animal Rights Action Network, ARAN for short, at the Digital Hub on April 6th. Thomas Janak and his guest pre-recorded the Wild Time show today. On air date: May 8th 2009 11am - thanks to Laura for taking the pictures.

Aran is an organisation that Thomas Janak supports for years and he was very happy to finally have John in the studio.

John and Thomas spoke about the seal hunt, circuses, general animal welfare and rights, past and future events of ARAN and John's obsession with Baywatch(TM) star Pamela Anderson.

For some of the older events covered by Thomas for different radio stations see here:

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Meat Free March

Aran Protest cancelled

Support Aran ...

Rally against animal cruelty 2008

Rally against animal cruelty 2006

John Carmody from ARAN and WILD TIME host/producer Thomas Janak at the Digital Hub FM
ARAN founder John Carmody in the studio
Also to come in May is a special broadcast for both the Digital Hub FM as well as for our befriended radio station Babylon Radio from this years' International Musicfair in Frankfurt/Germany, where Thomas spoke to many musicians and companies about their work and the current state of the music industry.

The on air date for this special broadcast on both the Digital Hub FM and on Babylon Radio has still to be decided upon and we will let you know here as well as on the Babylon Radio Blog.

Thomas and professional guitarist Lance Reegan Diehl at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 (International Musicfair Frankfurt 2009)

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