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Saturday, April 26, 2008

May Schedule

To come in May:
02.05.2008 Composting Workshop with Brenda Palmer (recently recorded footage) 09.05.2008 Wildlife Photography Group live in the studio 16.05.2008 Go Veg! - Show about vegetarianism, includes an interview with Robin Webb from "Vegetarian Shoes" ... and there is more to come on WILD TIME

Yesterdays show featured Aran's John Carmody, Nara's Laura Broxson and Gillian Anderson from the DSPCA and was very insightful and informative. Thanks to all guests for their relentless persuit to improve the situation of ALL animals.

Majid Aldalamy joined Thomas Janak in the studio. Majid is from Bagdad/Iraq and lives in Rathfarnham with his family. He wants to improve his English and often comes to the Whitechurch Library in Ballyboden to read books.

Since he hasn't seen much of Ireland WILD TIME invited him to sit in during the show.

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