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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


ECO WEEK is currently taking place from April 14th - 18th and the South Dublin County Council published a schedule of events, which take place in different libraries.

WILD TIME will cover two events that will be broadcast in May. The footage will also be turned into AUDIOBOOK Nr. 2 for the Whitechurch Library on Taylor's Lane in Rathfarnham.

Event 1: POWER OF ONE Talk - Global warming, climate change and fuel shortages can make us all feel powerless. This event deals with the practical side of things and is about what we can do while saving energy and money ... ON AIR DATE: May 2nd 2008

Event 2: COMPOSTING WORKSHOP - Learn how to compost your kitchen and garden while protecting the environment and saving money in the process ... ON AIR DATE: May 16th 2008

And there is always more to come on WILD TIME

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