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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Footage to be aired on October 10th 2008

The Festival of World Cultures took place from the 22nd - 24th of August in Dun Laoighaire. WILD TIME was there to find out more about sustainable energies and ways to help the environment.

A full show will go out on air on October 10th 2008, 8p.m. on 94.3fm or globally via the Internet.

The show will feature interviews with Gordon Atkinson from ENERFINA, MICRO PRO COMPUTERS retail manager Russell Islam, Fernanda Parente from ECO-UNESCO, Brendan Mulqueen from CHALLIS, Niall Hatch from BIRDWATCH IRELAND, Una Lavelle from the Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative, Allen Holman from ECOCAR and many, many more. For direct contact details of all interviewees see end of post.

Gordon Atkinson, Director of "Enerfina" in conversation with WILD TIME host Thomas Janak
Social Worker Colin from "Global Action Plan"
Eco - Unesco Communication Officer Fernanda Parente
"Challis Water Controls" Director Brendan Mulqueen talked to WILD TIME about how to save water
Thomas Janak in conversation with "Micro Pro Computers" Retail Manager Russell Islam
Niall Hatch from Bird Watch Ireland
Thomas talked to Anamary Varas who sells handmade crafts from Chile and South America


and there is always more to come on WILD TIME


26.09.08 "Party Animal" Book Launch
03.10.08 Dog Whisperer Jaqueline Murk, ASH staff Member Katja Schumann and private cat rescuer Vera Resch
10.10.08 Festival of World Cultures Footage
17.10.08 Footage from the Rally against animal cruelty
24.10.08.Canal Critters

and there is always more to come on WILD TIME

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