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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Show before summerbreak on June 6th

The Wrap Party for the current broadcast season will take place this Friday from 6 – 8pm at the Digital Hub. An outside broadcast unit will be set up from where a special show will be broadcast to cater for both those attending the party and the radio station general audience.

Tommy Coombes, Gerry Kilby & Declan Arthur will present the show

The party will lead right up to WILD TIME being on air at 8p.m. - Because of the expected noise Thomas Janak had to cancel meeting Ruth & Gay from VOICE as previously mentioned. Instead WILD TIME will repeat an interview with the SEALIFE manager recorded earlier this year. Thomas will also be talking over the phone to Sean Meehan from the Irish Wildlife Trust. A run down of all wild time shows will surely bring back memories. So, please tune in from 6p.m. at the latest right through til midnight with WILD TIME happening between 8 and 9p.m.

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