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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pics from the show on May 16th 2008

John McLoughlin, executive director of the Tree Council ...

... of Ireland, gave a brilliant overview of ...

... the current situation of Irish forests, together with valuable tips ...

... on which trees to plant in your own back garden

WILD TIMEs well-tanned guest (he just got back from Italy) was a very engaging, nice to listen to character and we all enjoyed the show very well.

John wrote: "Thanks for a wonderful evening and thanks to Nicole* for the coffee" - you're welcome.

WILD TIME also likes to thank "Vegetarian Shoes" shop owner Robin Webb, to whom we spoke on the phone.

* - Nicole is Thomas Janak's beautiful girlfriend, who is also taking all the pictures for the blog. Furthermore, she is also a fully qualified webmaster and responsible for Thomas' own animal healing related website www.holisticanimalhealing.net

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