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Friday, December 11, 2009

Soon to come

Roger Yates on WILD TIME on December 18th 11a.m.

Next show (last show in 2009)on The Digital Hub FM:

18.12.2009 11a.m. GMT Sociologist Roger Yates and WILD TIME host Thomas Janak discuss the human/non human animal relationship in-depth

The conversation with Roger was so interesting and went on longer than expected. A second part will therefore be uploaded on December 19th on WILD TIME ONLINE!!

To come in 2010 (dates tba):

01. Thomas Janak talks to Lyn Genders about the effects the moon has on human kind

02. Thomas Janak and his guest Dave Warwak discuss many topics from veganism to animal rights and also talk about the Mayan prophecies concerning 2012

03. Living life the vegan way - Thomas talks to vegans Carolyn Scott and Caroline Luxon

and there is always more to come to WILD TIME

Beginning on January 12th 2010 WILD TIME will be on air on TGIF every Tuesday evening 8p.m. EST (1a.m. GMT)

First guest will be TGIF founder and pastor Debbie McFarland. The conversation between her and Thomas will focus on beliefs and animals such as "Do animals have a soul" and so on ... all very exciting.

Of course there is a blog for that as well HERE

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