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I was born and raised in Offenbach/Germany and emigrated to the beautiful country of Ireland in August 2000 where I lived until August 2010. I have now moved to Birmingham in the UK

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are we changing for the better ? - Interviewees wanted

In Ireland many animal rights groups celebrated victories recently in areas of fur farming bans and more. Yet, while Scotland, a country similar in size and population, puts down about 450 unwanted animals a year, we are putting down over
10 000!

Is the pressue of the EU and the international communities forcing the Irish public to rethink their relationship with animals or are the Irish actually changing for the better?

WILD TIME wants to explore that in a 3 - 4 part series and is looking for experts and activists and regular Joe's to find out where we're at here on the green island !

Pls get in touch via facebook, email: info@holisticanimalhealing.net or via phone 086 - 31 01 422


Thomas Janak

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