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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Thomas Janak pre-recorded the WILD TIME show for June 19th today. His phone interviewee was Kiara,an Italian woman who created the ANIMAL VOICE blog, that has come to be well known in animal welfare circles.

Kiara left Thomas a message on his facebook wall:

"well, i'm glad we did this - and for sure i've learnt something today: i have to improve my spoken english!! which is good to know, cause now i'm aware of where i need to work the most... and of course am curious to hear the whole conversation! :o)

Thanks so much Thomas for giving a chance to Animal Voice to reach more people!

:: Unite as One, We'll Never Give Up - Till All Are Free, Till All Are Loved ::"

Thanks to Kiara for being on WILD TIME and for creating an amazing blog!!

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