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Friday, February 20, 2009

Back on air and updates ...

We're back on air as of today for 30 fridays this year, YEAH!!! - The studio itself is even bigger now!

The first three weeks of March have now being scheduled as well:

06.03.2009 NARA's Laura Broxton will be back live in the studio

13.03.2009 Film and TV Production Students from the DIGITAL HUB will be joining Thomas Janak live in the studio to give their own points of view to all things animal and nature related.

20.03.2009 VEGETARIANISM - PRO's and CON's, with studio guests Paul Dunne from the Digital Hub and Derren Hogarty from Babylon Radio.

It was good to see and talk to Joanie and Thommy from the morning show ...
... and to see them working away in our new, soundproof studio
The buiding also houses a cafe

The studio is now able to cater for up to three guests at a time

... and there is always more to come to WILD TIME

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