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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update - first November 2008 show scheduled

WILD TIME is back this Friday at 8p.m. and slots are filling fast.

26.09.08 "Party Animal" Book Launch
03.10.08 Dog Whisperer Jaqueline Murk, ASH staff Member Katja Schumann and private cat rescuer Vera Resch
10.10.08 Festival of World Cultures Footage
17.10.08 Footage from the Rally against animal cruelty
24.10.08.Canal Critters (Irish Wildlife Trust Event)plus photographer Michael Finn
31.10.08 Footage from a talk about how to care for cats

On November 7th, Thomas welcomes Gavin Corcoran to the studio. He is an expert on reptiles, fish and birds and more than passionate about his subjects. Gavin works at the Wacker Pet Shop on Parnell Street, Dublin and Wackers also have a pet superstore on the Long Mile Road, Dublin. We are looking forward to having him on the show.

For November 14th or 21st we might get people from the Irish Seal Sanctuary to come to the studio on Crane Street. We'll keep you posted!

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