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I was born and raised in Offenbach/Germany and emigrated to the beautiful country of Ireland in August 2000 where I lived until August 2010. I have now moved to the United Kingdom and live in Cannock/Staffordshire

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

WILD TIME - brandnew to TCR FM

Great news - WILD TIME has found a new home and will go out on air every Monday from 8p.m.GMT, starting on October 4th, on Total Choice Radio, TCR FM locally and globally.

Check the new blog!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


WILD TIME host/producer Thomas Janak has now relocated to the UK and is sourcing stations to see WILD TIME returned to the airwaves.

In the meantime, there is a lot of activity on wild time ONLINE - pls check it out!

Updates about WILD TIME will be posted here!

Monday, July 26, 2010

WILD TIME won't return to The Digital Hub FM

The final WILD TIME show in Ireland went out on air earlier today.

WILD TIME producer/host Thomas Janak is permanently relocating to the UK soon and won't therefore be able to continue the show on the digital hub fm.

Thanks to The Digital Hub FM for all their support over the years and a very special thanks to ALL the listeners, guests and contributors.

Friday, June 11, 2010

OFF AIR until October 2010

RTE's own Joe Duffy popped by this morning to give his thumbs up to the digital hub fm, which will be off air until mid October 2010.

WILD TIME will continue on Dublin South FM every Monday between 1 - 2 p.m., repeated every Sunday 3 - 4p.m. on 93.9fm - check the official blog!

The Digital Hub FM, formerly LIBER8 FM, is on air since August 2005 on a time -limited licence. We are aware of and grateful for our listenership and hope that some of you will make the switch to listen and enjoy WILD TIME on DSFM.

Clifford Brown, host/producer of THE JAZZ HOUR

"The two of us" plus guest

Station Manager Paul Dunne who has also been a guest on WILD TIME once

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming shows and event - 100th show get together

Tomorrow at 11a.m. the last show of the current broadcast season on The Digital Hub FM will be going out live on 94.3fm and globally via our online link (see upper right hand side of blog).

WILD TIME will continue on Dublin South FM every Monday between 1 - 2p.m but there is more good news:

WILD TIME is celebrating its 100th show on June 21st 2010!

Edward Delaney will be my guest at 1p.m. on the day and we will be discussing "cosmic problems". From 5p.m. -9p.m. I hope to be seeing YOU in person at the vegetarian restaurant Govindas on Aungier Street, Dublin (a stonethrow away from the famous Market Arcade) for a little get together to celebrate the achievements of WILD TIME in all its shapes and forms.

We're not funded so you'll have to pay your own bill on the day BUT Govindas is more than reasonable and the food is brilliant.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MEET WILD TIME @ The Point Village Market on June 5th and 6th 2010

Meet Wild Time host and pet psychologist Thomas Janak this weekend at the Point Village Market at the O2 theatre, where he will not only highlight WILD TIME itself but where he will also give his critically acclaimed talk "Evolution - from wolf to dog" on both Saturday and Sunday.

The market is on on both days between 8a.m. - 4.30p.m.

Please be there!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upcoming shows

14.05.2010 Tiger Temple in Thailand – Tourist Heaven, Tiger Hell – a full length conversation with Sybelle Foxcroft, who did undercover footage about ongoing tiger abuse at the temple, wrote a book about it and prepares to go to court to put an end to the suffering of these magnificent creatures

21.05.2010 Roger Yates and Paul Vogel from the Irish Animal Education Trust in the studio

28.05.2010 The moon and its effect on people and the planet – Thomas Janak talks to Lyn Genders about the moon and the relation that people hav with this heavenly body and more

04.06.2010 “Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows” is the title of Dr. Melanie Joy’s latest book and Thomas talks to the author in-depth about the content of her book and the term “carnism”

11.06.2010 Life life the vegan way – Thomas talks to Carolin Scott and Carolyn Luxon about veganism, includes books tips for recipes